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International trade: field of opportunities ... and threats.

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Positioning products in foreign markets has been an aspiration of all companies, always. Some companies develop dumping strategies, exporting their products at unusually attractive, low prices, often at a loss.

Without being crimes, these practices are discouraged by governments with the imposition of anti-dumping taxes. Within the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO), countries have agreed on how to proceed in this situation. There is a prior investigation of the damaged national productive sector, a request for an official investigation, a government procedure where importers and exporters also participate, and a tax at the end of the road that drastically changes the cost equation of the importer (and the possibility of being present of the exporter in the target market).

We offer free access to our global dumping investigation monitoring center.

We perform a diagnosis of the competitive position of any products on markets throughout the Americas, under the spotlight of anti-dumping regulations.

We prepare reports on domestic or export market prices of companies, about their own market.

We evaluate and propose companies strategies for market access, or market defense, from dumping practices perspective.

We keep a permanent monitoring system of the markets of your interest.

We develop a network with lawyers, economist or legal representative of companies that participate in antidumping investigations.

We train professionals in the content and use of the Anti-Dumping Agreement in force in the World Trade Organization.

We certify professionals in their knowledge of the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement.


Dumping investigation monitoring center

Request your report on the existence of antidumping investigations carried out in the world, on the product of your interest, which will serve as a background to prepare your cases.


Read in our blog articles, news and trending about dumping cases and practices.

Get trained and certified as Dumping Expert, accessing a post-university specialization, on our Moodle platform.

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